No Title 07/19/2010
Lebron is the epitome of Law of Attraction.  LeBron went after what he wanted.  He gets to be with his friends and wants to win championship after championship. 

What he did by moving from the Cleveland Cavaliers (winning during the season but couldn't finish in the playoffs) showed that he wants to win NBA championships.  The Cavaliers had a chance for the past 2 years to get better players surrounding LeBron but didn't.  He really had no choice but to leave the Cavaliers and pursue a team that he felt could win championships.

Do you think he would ever has this opportunity in his life again?  Would there ever be an opportunity for 3 Superstars to be able to play on one team and be friends at the same time?  I think not.  The only piece they are missing is Dwight Howard.

Just putting that possible desire back when he played in the Olympics with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh started the process of law of attraction. 

That is what we need to do.  Find what we want and then go after it.

Law of Attraction
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